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Customs clearance

A complex, multi-step procedure that requires a professional approach. Legislation in this field changes over time, has its own nuances and details, a thorough knowledge of which is in the competence of specialized specialists. Such professionals are employees of iCustoms. For many years, we have been providing customs brokerage services, earning the respect of customers, many of whom have become regular. Customs clearance with its features takes place in strict accordance with all the formalities and rules.

Customs clearance of electronic
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Procedure stages

  1. Delivery

    Organization of delivery to the customs control zone.
  2. Notice of arrival

    Submission of a cargo arrival notice to customs control officers.
  3. Information on cargo

    Determining a commodity code in accordance with the Unified Commodity Nomenclature of Foreign Economic Activities of the CU and calculation of customs payments.
  4. Declaring

    Submission and registration of the customs declaration for the desired consignment.
  5. ТCustoms procedures

    Carrying out the procedure for compliance with non-tariff regulation measures, execution of currency control and control over the declared customs value of the cargo.
  6. Customs clearance

    Customs clearance of goods (including control, inspection of the goods, as well as its release for later movement).

Customs clearance services

  1. Reduce your company's costs of FEA by 7 times You get a favorable and competitive price of the goods. You can earn more and increase your turnover.
  2. Comprehensive customs logistics Delivery and storage of goods in a temporary storage warehouse, organization of the release of goods after passing through all the procedures with its delivery "to door" of the customer.
  3. Forwarding services Organization of intra-port forwarding.
  4. Customs declaration issuance Issuance of a full package of declarations and shipping documents.
  5. Work with payments Calculation of the amount of customs payments, assistance in the return of overpaid payments (if necessary).
  6. Verification of commodity codes in the Foreign Economic Activity Commodity Nomenclature and their selection.
  7. Organization of the customs transit procedure
  8. Broker services The whole range of necessary broker services for fast and smooth customs clearance.
  9. Legal support Legal support of cargoes and control over them, we will represent your interests during the inspection at customs.
  10. Consultation and assistance Consultations on customs clearance, drafting a foreign economic contract, product certification, support of foreign economic activity, quarantine and phytosanitary control, and other issues.

Cost of customs clearance

Our company offers customs clearance in Saint-Petersburg, the cost is set individually for each case due to the addition of tariffs.

Among the factors determining the price are the package of services, the number of codes for the goods specified when filling out the declaration, the existence of a contract that gives the right to permanent servicing, etc. You can clarify the cost and ask other questions on our Saint-Petersburg and Moscow phones.

Cost of customs declaration
from 200$
Check the cost by phone with our managers

Customs clearance is the competence of professionals

Proper execution of customs documents is the key to success, and therefore the consignor shall understand that if he/she takes on the functions of a broker, all documents must be in perfect order. Otherwise, serious problems can arise during the movement of goods across the customs border.

Why it is convenient and profitable with iCustoms:

  • You will reduce your financial costs, labor intensity and costs of the process of purchasing and delivery of goods.
  • You will be able to concentrate on the development of the core business.
  • You do not keep currency accounting, do not delve into the rules of currency regulation, are not under the watchful eye of the fiscal authorities, do not organize foreign economic activity department in your company. You simply charge this to iCustoms.
  • You do not interact with the customs authorities both in financial, documentary, and administrative relations. We do everything!
  • We guarantee you work on the approved price lists for our services.
  • You always pre-estimate the cost of importing goods.
  • You predict and estimate sales plans and sales volumes in the domestic market due to the exact delivery schedule of goods.
  • You interact with just one legal entity - simple, understandable, convenient.
  • You work with us - import specialists. Our level of knowledge is confirmed by international certificates.
  • You purchase goods in the territory of the Russian Federation with a complete set of documents confirming its legality (transparency) of import into the territory of the Russian Federation and including VAT.

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