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Comprehensive FEA outsourcing
Reduce your company's
expenses by 7 times

Convenient import of goods without risks

You buy imported goods from the manufacturer, no wholesalers margins, no intermediaries margins. You get a favorable and competitive price of the product, you can earn more and increase your turnover.

All this is possible with complex outsourcing of foreign trade activities from iCustoms.

You need to

  • Pick up the goods and check the reliability of the manufacturer;
  • Buy goods abroad;
  • Deliver goods to the territory of the Russian Federation;
  • Clear goods at customs;
  • Inventory for further sale and use.

We offer

  • We will conclude a goods supply contract with you according to the needs of your business;
  • We will select the product and evaluate the manufacturer;
  • We will conclude a goods purchase contract with the manufacturer;
  • We will deliver the goods to the territory of the Russian Federation and clear it at customs;
  • We will sell it to you with a complete set of documents;
  • Transparency of the transaction is guaranteed.

iCustoms by the numbers
  • 96 218 Products customs cleared
  • 3249 Orders completed
  • 144 Regular customers
  • 18 Employees
* 2019 year
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How we work

  1. Contract

    You conclude a goods supply contract with us.
  2. Analysis

    We analyze, select, evaluate the market sector you need and the required products.
  3. Contract

    We conclude a Goods purchase contract with the manufacturer for you.
  4. Payment

    You pay us for the goods in rubles.
  5. Currency conversion

    We convert rubles into currency and make payment for the Goods to the manufacturer.
  6. Production control

    We control the production of goods (inspect the manufacturer).
  7. Delivery

    We will arrange the Goods delivery to the territory of the Russian Federation.
  8. Permits

    We issue the necessary permits for the Goods importation (certificates, declarations of conformity, licenses, etc.).
  9. Customs charges

    We pay the due customs charges.
  10. Invoice for Goods

    We issue you a final invoice for the Goods.
  11. Goods delivered

    We deliver to you the cleared goods with all necessary and relevant documents, including a copy of the customs declaration.
  12. Goods without extra charges

    You receive your goods without wholesale margins, without intermediaries and trading companies margins.

Profitable foreign trade outsourcing

  • Cost of the FEA accountant
    70,000 ₽ / month
  • Cost of the FEA specialist
    60,000 ₽ / month
  • Payroll tax
    130,000 * 30% = 39,000 ₽ / month
  • Employees
    35,000 ₽ / month
204,000 ₽ / month
The cost of outsourcing services from iCustoms
from 30,000 ₽ / month
It is 7 times cheaper!
Pay less -
deliver more!

Outsourcing capabilities

  • You will reduce your financial costs, labor intensity and costs of the process of purchasing and delivery of goods.
  • You will be able to concentrate on the development of the core business.
  • You do not keep currency accounting, do not delve into the rules of currency regulation, are not under the watchful eye of the fiscal authorities, do not organize foreign economic activity department in your company. You simply charge this to iCustoms.
  • You do not interact with the customs authorities both in financial, documentary, and administrative relations. We do everything!
  • We guarantee you work on the approved price lists for our services.
  • You always pre-estimate the cost of importing goods.
  • You predict and estimate sales plans and sales volumes in the domestic market due to the exact delivery schedule of goods.
  • You interact with just one legal entity - simple, understandable, convenient.
  • You work with us - import specialists. Our level of knowledge is confirmed by international certificates.
  • You purchase goods in the territory of the Russian Federation with a complete set of documents confirming its legality (transparency) of import into the territory of the Russian Federation and including VAT.

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