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This is the first customs clearance in Russia that uses the Big Data technology

Our customs clearance is fully automated – the system performs most of the actions. To start the process, a customer should have only an invoice.

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What does automation provide using Big Data?

Fundamentally new opportunities for the import of cargoes are opened. The customs clearance becomes an easy task, as the capabilities of the IT system are many times greater than the potential of even the most experienced customs brokers.

  • Cargoes are imported faster, and their customs clearance is lower in cost
  • Full certainty of any fines absence

What makes our project different from others?

We perform the customs clearance by times faster and cheaper

The system performs most of the work without human intervention. All roles – a manager, an analyst, and a declarant – are automated. All declaring processes are inside the system. The company has electronic document workflow; managers do not need to manually prepare contracts, invoices and work acceptance certificates. Everything is performed through the iCustoms system.

Performing the customs clearance of goods is similar to ordering movie tickets!

It’s easy to cooperate with us. This is not so as it is in the customs services market. No complicated terms and incomprehensible actions.

Customers can easily log in to their personal accounts on a computer or a mobile application. They get access to their orders and can upload documents at any time. They track their cargo at all stages of the customs clearance and know about the time it will be released.

None fine at all for the entire time of our work in the market

The system was created by professional IT specialists in alliance with experienced customs brokers. During the entire period of our work, we have not had a single fine and problems with customs.

Inspectors recognize our declarations, and they know that there will definitely be no errors in them. Our customers are sure of the absence of problems when importing goods and boldly plan their business.
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What makes the project interesting for investment?

Payback from the first month

The project has become repaid from the first month of its existence. As soon as we accepted the first orders through the system, our expenditures for development and implementation were fully covered.

Huge development plans

The system is almost completed in terms of processes and solutions. Already now, iCustoms freely recognizes half of the product names to be declared.
We invite investors