Express air transportation
and airfreight

The fastest way to transport goods

With our help, you will be able to send your cargo the most conveniently, inexpensively and over long distances, because air transportation by plane is provided with the help of our partners. These are the largest airlines in the world with well-established and extensive logistics: British Airways, Lufthansa, KLM, Air France, SAS, Emirates, Turkish Airlines, Hainan Airlines, Singapore Airlines. That is why you can be sure that the cargo will reach its destination safely and as soon as possible in the modern world.

Base prices and air freight rates

To determine the cost of air freight of cargo, take into account such factors as cargo weight and dimensions, point of departure and destination, the need to comply with strict conditions for the permitted hazardous goods, the cost of customs clearance, some duties on the export of goods. This is a rather complicated calculation that can only be done by qualified specialists and in each case individually. Air cargo freight rates for domestic and international flights are also different.

What and how can be sent by air transport?

The peculiarity of air transportation lies in the fact that there are many requirements for the goods being shipped: compliance with the hazard class, inspection, availability of documents for cargo, type of packaging, and so on. This is due to the safety factor. However, the task is simplified when you contact us - professionals with extensive experience in this business. We make it as easy as possible for our customers by providing comprehensive information about the rules of air delivery, both verbally and in writing. Contact iCustoms and appreciate the high level of our service.

The freights allowed for air transportation are almost the same as those transported by sea or road: safety rules are required in all cases. The most specific requirement is the ability of your cargo to withstand the pressure drops that are necessarily present in the aircraft. Also do not forget about temperature mode. If your cargo is perishable, requires compliance with a certain temperature, check this issue with our specialist. We will tell you how quickly and under what conditions it is possible to deliver your values to a given point.

How is air delivery provided?

If you need to send cargo from Saint-Petersburg or from another city of the world to Saint-Petersburg, as well as to any other region, it will require a few simple steps. All other air delivery activities will be taken over by the specialists of iCustoms.

  1. Request

    You send a request via email, website or call our office.
  2. Cost calculation

    We promptly calculate the cost of services and send you our offer for air delivery by e-mail.
  3. Contract conclusion

    If the cost of services and conditions are suitable for you, we conclude a contract with you and draw up an application.
  4. Flight selection

    Next we book a cargo seat for your goods, looking for the proper flight as close as possible to your request.
  5. Readiness check

    Our agent in the country of departure communicates with the consignor, learns about the degree of its readiness.
  6. Delivery of goods on board

    In case of no difficulties, air freight is carried out at the appointed time. We accompany your goods at the airport before being transferred on board the aircraft.
  7. Cargo meeting

    Upon arrival, the cargo must be met. You can do it yourself or use our services again.
  8. Delivery to door

    It is also possible to deliver from the airport by other means of transport directly to the destination — to your door.
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