Customs Clearance of Electronic Components in Russia. Minimize Your Costs. Import Your Goods with Us.

The cost * of the provided services includes the selection of Customs Commodity Codes, analytics, verification of price risks, preparation of technical descriptions, search for photographs of goods and translation documents into Russian.

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Execution of the main sheet of the customs declaration
200$ incl. VAT
Additional sheet of the customs declaration
20$ incl. VAT    *
~ from 25$
Analytics is included in the cost (no “hidden payments” are available)
Selection of technical descriptions (datasheet)
Execution of technical descriptions in Russian
Providing the correct customs freight declaration
Not for all
Every fifth customs declaration is performed free of charge
Price of services including VAT
Not for all
The deadline for submitting a customs declaration
1 to 2 days
3 to 5 days
All you need is an invoice

Additional services

  1. Complex outsourcing of foreign economic activity. Reduce your company’s expenses by 7 times!
  2. Translation the supplier’s invoice into Russian
  3. Analysis of the non-tariff regulation
  4. Assistance in obtaining permission documentation
  5. Preliminary analysis of the nomenclature before ordering to the supplier
  6. Advice on any issues concerning foreign economic activity
  7. Consultation on registration of a new participant of the foreign economic activity in customs authorities
  8. Advisory services for the preparation for the customs clearance
  9. Door delivery

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